Romania zona Dobrogea Constanta
The renter is invited to read attentive and to express his agreement regarding these terms by signing and accepting their previsions. The owner has the right to refuse a client with the rent of the car, without supplementary comments.

The minimum age of the driver is 21 years old. This one has to possess a valid driving licence, of minimum 1 year. The client is financial responsible for the destructions or the accidents produced to the rented car by a driver which is not authorize by the owner.

The car is delivered to the client in perfect conditions, without visible defections. Any ulterior complaint regarding his condition should be made to delivery. The client assumes the obligation to return the car in good conditions, with all the documentations, the accessories and the afferent equipments, the date and the place settled in contract. After a delay that exceeds 3 hours, the car is considered to be stolen and the police will be announced.

The client is agreed with the following terms. The rented car doesn't have to be used or driven by:
a) against the legal previsions considering the traffic, the customs or others;
b) for the object's or passenger's transport;
c) the overcharge with passengers or luggage, given the places' numbers or the weight, placed in the registration certificate;
d) to push or to drag another passenger car, attachment or another vehicle;
e) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics/somniferous or another substances which can affect the attention of the driver or his capacity of driving;
f) in case of a defection; in this case the car has to be repaired to a service accepted by the owner;
g) in competitions, races or tests;
h) it shouldn't let the keys in the contact, not locked or with the windows opened;
i) the car can't be driven except the instructions and the recommendations of the producer.
The non-observance of the car's use terms makes the client financial responsible.

The client assumes the responsibility to pay to the owner the followings:
a) the tariff specified in the rent contract;
b) the car is delivered/raised with the basin full. Any differences of the combustible will be paid to the owner;
c) the minimum period of rent is 24 hours. The first hour after the 24 hours is free ant delay bigger than 1 hour is considered to be one day and it is taxed with the standard tariff;
d) the fines from the traffic or any other contravention – the road code;
e) a penalty of 200 euro will be applied in case of the lose of the car's papers, of the rent contract or car's keys;
f) THE GUARANTEE PERCEIVED IS…..euro. This one will be returned when the car is delivered, if it is in good conditions, with all the documents, accessories and equipments and it is delivered to the place, date and hour settled in contract. If the car is scratched, has the paint bounced, the bar buckled, broken or it presents others damages, the guarantee will no be returned anymore.

The owner has full CASCO assurance for the rented cars. The client and his companions benefit by person's assurance for accidents; this is included in the tariff of the rented car. The client is responsible and he agrees to play all the expenses and the value of the damages for:
a) the improper exploitation of the rented car, also the damages to the engine, to the gear box or the differential as a result of the failing of the oil's pressure or superheating;
b) the damages produced to the tires or air tube by cutting, stinging or their explosion;
c) the damages produced because of the overstressing of the components of the electric set;
d) any damages produced to the rented car representing a consequence of driving on the flooded roads;
e) the damages produced to any subsystems or components of the car because of the inobservance of the road senses and of the rules regarding the surety of the traffic, also the rules regarding the transport of luggage and their arrangement during the transport;
f) the damages produced to the benches, to the moquette, to the tapestry or to others interior elements of the car;
g) damages produced to the car because of his use in the races, competitions or trainings;
h) damages produced to the car if: - the accident was produced from culpability; - the accident was produced because the driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, somniferous or other substances which can affect the capacity of concentration of the driver or the capacity to drive, and also during the committing of another contravention regarding the circulation on the public roads even these facts didn't produce on the public roads or during the committing of another contraventions; - the accident produces, and the author try to shirk; - theft or tentative of theft, non-confirmed to the police or if the police didn't receive any complain regarding the burglary or the tentative of burglary; if persons from the client's family are implicated in the theft or the preparation of the theft or, in the juridical persons, the authorized person.

The owner can't be responsible for the accidents produced by the client or by his companions, which can affect the car's operation, also for the lose of objects from his inside.

The client agrees to defend the owner and company's interests in case of accident, theft or destructions by:
a) the procurement of the numbers and addresses of the principals witnesses and of the involved parts;
b) not to abandon the car without to be guarded;
c) the telephonic announcement of the owner, in maximum 3 hours from the accident;
The necessary documents in case of accidents, damages or theft have to be obtained from the police station, immediately after the accident or theft, and in these it has to be mentioned:
1. The police rapport / annex 2 signed by the officer who elaborated and stamped it, and it will be registered OBLIGATORY, in case of accident, if the car has been driven under the influence of alcohol;
2. The reparation authorization with the signature of the officer who wrote it and the stamp of the police station.
In case of non-attendance of the mentioned justificatory documents or of contravention of the road code or rent contract, the client/driver is responsible for all damages, costs or loses caused to the owner.

The client agrees with the invalidity of any terms and conditions that occur without his written notice and without the parts' accord.

The Trial Court Constanta will solve any conflict, which can occur after the conclusion, according the previous terms.